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이 사이트는 자바스크립트 프로그래밍을 중심으로 웹 애플리케이션 개발에 대한 내용을 주로 다룹니다.

  260,760   $ 19,440.00

The Ruby Toolbox - Know Your Options!


The Ruby Toolbox is a comprehensive catalog of Ruby and Rails plug-ins, gems, tools and resources for Ruby developers with popularity ratings based on Github watchers and Gem...

  47,096   $ 176,400.00

Online Markdown Editor - Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever.


Dillinger is an online cloud based HTML5 filled Markdown Editor. Sync with Dropbox, Github and Google Drive. 100% Open Source!

  119,708   $ 57,000.00



SelfControl is a free Mac productivity app to help you avoid distracting websites.

  145,620   $ 46,800.00

HotforSecurity – Powered by Bitdefender


The blog on the sizzling world of computer security: steamy stories from the dynamic world of internet fraud, scams, malware - and gossip. Powered by

  184,729   $ 37,200.00

Tobias Ahlin


Tobias Ahlin | Designer and developer

  139,941   $ 49,200.00

Victor Coulon | Front-end & User Interface developer living in New York


A website focusing on Victor Coulon's projects, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, UI and UX.

  262,953   $ 19,440.00

Solano Labs | Continuous Integration and Deployment


A hosted or private CI Solution. Our scheduler optimizes the run time of your builds-- sets up in minutes and runs your tests up to 80x faster.

  216,007   $ 23,760.00

Internet Of Things - ThingSpeak


Open source data platform and API for the Internet of Things.

  257,381   $ 19,980.00

Sugester - Zachwyć swoich klientów


Sugester to polski system do obsługi helpdesku. Pozwala zebrać firmowe maile we wspólnym inboxie, przydzielać je do pracowników, mierzyć czas i jakość odpowiedzi. Dzięki temu...

  242,549   $ 21,060.00



Beyondcow is a Vancouver-based Mac app company founded in 2009. We are bringing nifty Mac apps with great user experience to our customers.

  275,924   $ 18,360.00 · Work Better on GitHub Issues


GitHub-powered work tracking for teams and open source.

  61,595   $ 134,640.00 - Agile Project Management inside GitHub


Supercharge your GitHub workflow! ZenHub keeps your team lean and agile with features built specifically for fast-moving engineering teams, high-impact startups, and the...

  346,014   $ 14,580.00

Markdown Live Preview


This is the Markdown editor with live preview. enjoy.

  1,351,234   $ 480.00

Tony Bai



  713,457   $ 960.00

Magnum CI - Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Platform


Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Platform

  1,357,888   $ 480.00

Tox: A New Kind of Instant Messaging


With the rise of government monitoring programs, Tox provides an easy to use application that allows you to connect with friends and family without anyone else listening in....

  182,046   $ 37,800.00

Liberio | Simple eBook creation and publishing.


Create and publish eBooks for free. Really simple. Right from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, GitHub or your computer.

  191,115   $ 36,000.00

Sahil Dua - Personal Portfolio


Hi, I'm Sahil(Dua). This website is my personal portfolio. I am a software developer having enough industry exposure and quite a lot of self-projects.

  392,573   $ 12,960.00